It’s Kunti vs. Bahus in “Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal?”

MUMBAI: Star Bharat’s Kya Haal, Mr. Paanchal has been successfully managing to tickle the funny bones of viewers. The Optimystix Entertainment’s comedy drama is known for getting interesting storyline each time. And this time as well makers are set to take viewers on a laughter riot with a funny track.

In the coming episodes, Sarla will tell Kunti (Kanchan Gupta) that how her daughters- in-law pay no heed to what she says. Kunti, on the other hand, will praise all her five bahus.

Sarla will tell her that she needs to be more cautious. With the words stuck in Kunti’s head, she will start relating Sarla’s words with the things that will happen coincidentally. She will also wonder that her bahus take her for granted and thus she will plan to apply ‘divide and rule’ policy between the bahus.

Pratap too will become a part of it unwontedly. The bahus unknowingly will end up indulging in arguments and fights. But Kanhaiya will get to know about the situation and then the bahus will feel sorry about it. Kanhaiya will then think about a plan; he will say that since it is stuck in Kunti’s mind, it is important to eliminate it from her conscience.

Pratap will appear as Lord Shivji and give Kunti a vardan that she will be able to hear what her bahu’s feel for her. And everybody will start talking good things about Kunti which she will believe to be their inner voice. Kunti will be sick with guilt and before she could confront, everyone will tell her the truth.

Will Kunti realise her mistake?

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